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Gary Conway, LMHC, BCB
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Couples Therapy (Instruction to complete assessment forms, outline of treatment phases, and possible additional fees.)

If you are reading this paragraph, then you have had your first couple's session with me and now you wish to proceed with the Assessment Phase of your therapy. Please send me an email at counseling4nd.com with your names and phone numbers .I will send you an assessment package by email.  I would ask each of you to complete the forms seperately and return them to me when we meet for our individual sessions. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at 317-571-0170 ext. 119.

Therapy consists of five parts:

1. Assessment Phase

  • Session #1: Intake Interview-         80-90 minutes
  • Session #2: Individual Interviews-   45 minutes each
  • Session #3: Treatment Planning-    80-90 minutes



In the first sessions we will talk about your relationship history, your concerns, and your goals for therapy.  There will be some written materials to complete that help us to understand your relationship.

Most of the work will involve sessions with both of you as a couple.  However, there may be times when individual sessions might be recommended.  I will also give your exercises to practice between sessions.

Your specific needs and goals will determine the length of your therapy.  In the course of therapy, we will establish times to evaluate your satisfaction and progress.  I certainly encourage you to ask any questions or raise any concerns you might have about therapy.

2. Phase Out

In this later stage will meet less frequently in order for you to test out your new relationship skills and to prepare for termination of your therpay.  You may terminate therapy at anytime; however, it is most helpful to have at least one session together to summarize our progress, and clarify what work remains, and say good-bye.



3. Out-come Evaluation Phase

There will be four follow-up sessions planned, one after six months, one after twelve months, one after eighteen months, and one after two years.  Research has shown that these sessions significantly decrease the chances of relapse into previous, unhelpful patterns.   The purpose of these follow-up sessions then will be to fine-tune any of relationship skills if needed, and to evaluate the effectiveness of the therapy received.

Assessment and Fees

Fees for assessment of your therapy are based on the number of hours needed to complete the three phase process.   Generally the assessment requires about 4 to 4 1/2 hours in 3 to 4 in-office sessions.  It also requires 1 to 2 hours of paperwork.  I will be glad to work with your insurance company, but some fees may not be covered, such as the additional time required tabulating and to complete the paperwork.

Please check with your insurance plan to see what type of coverage you may have some plans do cover marital therapy; however, many do not.